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caudalie vinoperfect sérum anti-taches review concours ambassadrice made by fTaking care of my face skin has been a priority since my dear teenage years. All I can say is that at this time of my life, I was very complexed by the many small (and I think time makes me relativise all that …) imperfections on my skin. Teenage years are clearly not the best times for your skin, for most of us at least and it can certainly leave traces. I have a nice skin and a rather healthy complexion but I still have to admit that here and there I still have some scars and dark spots tasks related to those unfortunate pimples that accompanied me during my teenagehood. I also have a skin that marks very easily. I’m not obsessed with this, far from it but when Caudalie introduced me the Vinoperfect range, I thought it was time to tackle these little skin issues by testing Vinoperfect’s treatments.


Vinoperfect from Caudalie is a range of skincare treatments, a brand’s bestseller and this mainly for its famous Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting. Caudalie’s promise is simple: prevent but also cure face pigmentation, caused by the sun, acne, age or pregnancy, while giving your skin a more unified appearance and a brightened complexion. A nice programme that I couldn’t wait to test. The miracle component of this product line is Viniferine. Behind this somewhat barbarous name is a natural extract of the grapevine sap, recognized as being 62 times more effective than Vitamin C. As beautifully said by Caudalie’s owner, « [i]n the old days in the vineyards, the grapevine sap was used by young girls who smeared it on their face and hands to reduce dark spots and clarify their complexion ». This magical ingredient regulates melanin and activates blood microcirculation, not to mention that it has also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Vinoperfect’s line is composed of three skincare treatments :

I am a great fan of serums in general. I love their texture and the freshness they bring to the face, that be in the morning or before going to sleep. Bestseller and number one in pharmacy sales for its anti-dark spot virtues, it is the flagship product of Vinoperfect’s range and the one I expect the most from! You will have understood this by now – it’s action is to prevent skin pigmentation and to reduce them, while restoring balance and radiance to your complexion. As far as the texture is concerned, I am totally sold. It is a very fresh milky texture, leaving a pleasant cool and soothing feeling on the face. It penetrates quickly without leaving a sticky or greasy sensation on the skin. As to the fragrance, it matches its texture, with a citrus touch that stands out to provide a super duper fresh smell. I apply it, as advised, in the morning and the evening. The morning before my day cream and the evening before Caudalie’s Cell Renewal Night Cream. Here are my expectations: to get rid of the few acne scars I have at the temples and my chin. It takes more or less for 4 weeks to see an evolution and I really look forward to seeing the result.

I told you that before, for a long time I skipped applying primer on my skin to prepare it for make-up because I was struggling to find a product that was not comedogenic for my skin. To have a smooth skin effect is very nice, but if in the end it brings out pimples, it’s a no go! It has been six months now that I use a primer again. I like the smoothing effect that the primers give to the complexion and over time I have found non comedogenic ones. This one from Caudalie is one of those and even better it has an SPF20. It tightens the pores while decreasing the excess of sebum. Its texture is oil-free and reduces the appearance of all small imperfections. So I apply it the morning before my foundation. Some days as I am still a little tanned from the holidays, I just apply that on my skin, skipping the foundation and powder all together as the effect is so nice on my skin. I find that it also has a beautiful illuminating action. So far a very good experience with this product.
caudalie vinoperfect sérum anti-taches review concours ambassadrice made by f

Vinoperfect it’s also a night cream, designed to stimulate cell renewal. Non-comedogenic too, you apply it in the evening, on the face and neck and it is suitable for all skin types. In the same idea as the two previous treatments, the Cell Renewal Night Cream is designed to refine the pores and smooth out imperfections and dark spots, while restoring the skin for a radiant glow. With the idea of ??sharing this testing experience with you, I go to apply the cream only very recently so it is of course still too early to perceive a difference in the reduction of dark spots and other imperfections. Yet I can already reveal my opinion on its texture and its moisturizing action. Night creams are generally thicker than day creams and I confess that it is something that I like less. I’m always looking for freshness and coolness on my face, day and night. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the texture of the cream was actually light enough for a night cream and very fluid. A pretty suprise! I loved the finish on the skin, very soft and silky and the smell is so addictive! In addition to Viniferine, it contains papaya which explains the very silky texture and the delicious sweet fragrance. So far so good and I’m looking forward to discover more!

caudalie vinoperfect sérum anti-taches review concours ambassadrice made by f

As I said, I have been testing the Vinoperfect range for a short while and although it is still too early to see any improvements in the few imperfections of my face, I already perceived a nice radiant action on my complexion. Loving this healthy glow effect. On top, the application of Radiance Moisturizer Broad Spectrum before applying my make-up really makes the difference. So why am I presenting you the product line so soon ? Because actually we will test and experience Vinoperfect together!

In partnership with Caudalie, I offer to 50 of you the chance to win Vinoperfect’s three skincare product routines and to test them at home ! Among the 50 winners, and after a period of approximately 8 weeks of use, several of you will be selected as ambassadors and invited to meet me in Brussels to share our personal thoughts and experience on Vinoperfect ! It will be a nice opportunity to meet some of you on top of discovering our respective experience, and of course all of this in a very nice location with some sweets ! 

If you are curious to discover Vinoperfect, then it’s time to try your luck !
  • To become of the 50 Beauty Testers, all you need to do is leave a comment down below, specifying your expectations as to Vinoperfect, a product line full of amazing promises for our sweet little faces ! Do you want to get rid of your skin imperfections caused by the sun, ageing process, acne or pregnancy ? Or are you simply looking to restore your healthy radiant skin glow ? Tell me all about it !
  • The 50 Beauty Testers will be chosen randomly on 2nd March 2017 and the list will be published in this blogpost on 4th March. The winners will have the chance to test Caudalie Vinoperfect range at home over approximately a 8 week period.
  • Among the 50 Beauty Testers, several of you will be selected as Caudalie Vinoperfect ambassadors for Made By F. We will spend a few hours together in a location yet to be determined in Brussels* to share our experience in live. This exchange will be filmed so that our experience can be shared to my community and Caudalie’s customers. Without mentioning lots of nice surprises to discover during the meet-up !
  • As the icing on the cake, to become one of the 50 lucky Beauty Testers, you can also take part to the same contest running on my Facebook and Instagram!
  • Participations open to Belgium only.

Now let me wish you all good luck! I am so looking forward to launching and sharing this experience with you ?

With love,



Thank you so much to all of you for being so enthusiast about this giveaway! Here are the 50 winners ?

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Thanks a million to all the participants and congrats to the lucky winners! ?

To get your Caudalie Vinoperfect, send me an email at with the following information:

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* Make sure to communicate all the required information as the brand will need it to dispatch the prize to each of you!



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  1. Ann-Laurie Seré
    24 February 2017 / 8 h 53 min

    Je tente de remporter ces soins de ma marque préférée ? Caudalie est un réel bonheur au quotidien, respectueuse de ma peau en plus d’être une marque éco-responsable! Je serais très heureuse de pouvoir tester les bienfaits de Vinoperfect pour avoir un teint lumineux! Merci pour le concours ???

  2. Muriel Noelle
    24 February 2017 / 10 h 49 min

    Bonjour je participe ici aussi car ces soins seraient parfaits pour moi j’ai 46 ans et des taches sur la peau pigmentaires et des taches de rousseur je croise les doigts

  3. Camille
    26 February 2017 / 13 h 39 min

    Je n’ai jamais testé les produits de la marque mais j’en ai toujours entendu du bien … ça serait son l’occasion pour moi de tester ?? Je n’ai jamais trouvé de crèmes miracles pour ma peau, donc qui sait cette gamme sera peut être la bonne ?

  4. Ann-Laurie S.
    27 February 2017 / 12 h 58 min

    Je complète mon premier post par rapport à mes problèmes de peau. J’ai quelques tâches brunes dûes au soleil, voilà pourquoi tester cette gamme de soin me plairait. ???

  5. Caroline Soetewey
    1 March 2017 / 12 h 14 min

    J’adorerais tester cette gamme car j’adore cette marque! J’ai une peau sèche qui demande beaucoup de crème, et j ai vite des imperfections dû au soleil car j’ai une peau assez pâle.. Et qui ne voudrait pas un teint plus lumineux? 😉

  6. Alix
    1 March 2017 / 13 h 01 min

    Les produits Caudalie sentent tellement bons ! Je les emprunte à ma maman de temps en temps et on a réellement une sensation de fraîcheur qu’on ne retrouve pas souvent dans d’autres marques. J’ai la peau fort sèche et terne, je croise les doigts pour tester cette nouvelle gamme 🙂

  7. 2 March 2017 / 23 h 55 min

    Je participe à ce superbe concours ! ? la marque Caudalie est celle que je préfére en parapharmacie, je n’ai jamais été décue par aucun produit et surtout pas par la gamme vinosource classique ? Je suis une testeuse dans l’âme ? Et j’aimerai réellement tester avec grand intérêt ces produits ! Mercii ?

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